An Interview on Looking Through
"The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul" in video(mpeg format)
An Interview by Sara Yokoyama, Shiho Kimuro

1- Why Documentary & not a Fiction? (4.86MB)

2- On EYES-Turaj's Comment (6.73MB)

3- On 'A Man with an Eye' (2.88MB)

4- How Did You Shoot the Eyes? (2.66MB)

5- On 'Eyes and its Relation with the Camera'(4.74MB)

6- Why You Remove the Camera Cap in the First Shot? (3.60MB)

7- On Godard & Camera (4.06MB)

8- Camera in Japanese & Farsi (5.02MB)

9- What was your Preparation? (3.48MB)

10- Any Discoveries? (3.62MB)

11- Anything to Add? (2.96MB)