Film Lovers: Unexposed
(50 min)
Exposed (52 min)
(Oshshaagh e Cinema)

maani petgar
Iran-Australia- S-VHS & mini DV- Color
Documentary-(Cam. Dir. Edit.)
Produced by: Liz McKenzie
Original Music: Davood A.Tabrizi
Assistant Director:Mahmoud Aidin
Reverse Angle Production

Two parts documentary on Rakhshan Bani-Etemad, Tahmineh Milani and Niki Karimi.

Unexposed: Tahmineh Milani makes Two Women (with Niki Karimi)
Niki Karimi, as the 1st female post-revolution superstar, becoming the filmmaker.
Rakhshan Bani-Etemad makes The May Lady (1998)

Iranian version is longer than the international version:

Oshaagh e Cinema 1 (Film Lovers 1, 38 mins) Rakhshan Bani-Etemad maani petgar
makes The Blue Veiled (1994) and The May Lady (1998)

Oshaagh e Cinema 2 (Film Lovers 2, 47 mins) Tahmineh Milani
makes Kakado (1994) & Two Women (1999) with Niki Karimi


Oshaagh e Cinema 3 (Film Lovers 3, 42 mins)
Following highlights of Niki Karimi's career,
until she makes her first film (documentary) in 2001

5th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece 2003
16th Singapore Int. Film Festival 2003
1st Chicago Documentary Film Festival 2003
News From Tehran 1, Witte de With institute, Rotterdam, the Netherlands 2004
News From Tehran 2, Kunsten festival des Arts, Brussels, Belgium 2004
Exhibition LAB in Museum Krِller Muller, Otterlo, the Netherlands 2004
Circulation, videolounge in the Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg, Germany  2004
Iranian Independents, the Brazil Cultural Center, Sao Polo 2004
Liesbeth and Jos program, organized by Ministry of Justice, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2004
Tassvir Film Week, the Portrait of an Artist, Tehran 2004