2000- An Eclipse Which Dropped From the Sky
(Kosoufi ke az aasemaan be zamin oftaad)

Iran- mini DV- Color-21 min
Expeimental- (Ca, Dir, Ed, Pro)
Reverse Angle Production

"In Aug.10, 1999 the last eclipse of the century took place and about 2 billion people in the world
viewed it through the TV. I understood that Iranian TV is going to have a simultaneous report from
five major eclipse locations... just out of curiosity; I sat down voluntarily in front of the TV,
to watch the coverage of the event, and at the same time I took my camera just to shoot
the reflections of light in my yard. While I was switching between the TV and the yard,
I noticed that...

3rd Kish Documentary Film Festival, (Winner of the "Another View" Prize) 2000
Varesh Short and Documentary Festival, Babol, Iran 2001
Second Yadegar Film Festival, Tehran 2003
News From Tehran 1, Witte de With institute, Rotterdam, the Netherlands 2004
News From Tehran 2, Kunsten festival des Arts, Brussels, Belgium 2004
Exhibition LAB in Museum Kroller Muller, Otterlo, the Netherlands 2004
Circulation, video lounge in the Halle fur Kunst, Luneburg, Germany  2004
Recretion, Musee des Beaux-Arts de Nantes 2004
Iranian Independents, the Brazil Cultural Center, Sao Polo 2004
Wurttembergi Art Association, Stuttgart, Germany 2005
The Lebanese Association for the Plastic Art, Homeworks 3 Forum, Beirut 2005
Les Rencontres Internationales, Paris 2007

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maani petgar کسوفی که از آسمان به زمین افتاد

حدود یک سال پیش در بیستم مرداد 1378، آخرین کسوف قرن اتفاق افتاد که 2 میلیارد نفر در دنیا از طریق تلویزیون به تماشای آن نشستند... تلویزیون ایران قرار بود که در پنج نقطه، وقوع کسوف را به طور هم زمان نمایش بده... محض کنجکاوی جلوی تلویزیون
نشستم که این پوشش بین المللی را تماشا کنم... وقتی که داشتم هم زمان با دوربین ام از انعکاس های نور روی کف حیاط تصویر
می گرفتم متوجه شدم که...
(قطعاتی از گفتار فیلم)

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