1994-96, Cinema Cinema
maani petgar cinema cinema
Australia-Iran, S-VHS & Hi-8, B&W+Color, 70 min
Documentary-Experimental (Ca, Dir, Ed)
Pro.Claude Gonzales-Vahid Vahed

for Reverse Angle Production
Assistant Director: Mahmoud Aidin
French Co-ordinators: Mamad Haghighat,
Nader Takmil Homayoun
Original Music: Davood A.Tabrizi
Additional music; Majid Entezami
2nd Camera: Mohsen Delshakib 

This is a film about the making of Salaam Cinema by Mohsen Makhmalbaf in Tehran and it’s eventual screening
in Cannes Film Festival. Viewers are introduced to the personal and professional sides of Makhmalbaf and also
to the uncontrollable passion for the cinema, held by the Iranian youth.

Int. Art Film Festival, Teplice, Slovakia 1996
9th Singapore Int. Film Festival 1996
Montreal Int. Festival of Cinema & New Media -in competition- Canada 1996
Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival, New York 1997
Leipzig Int. Documentary Film Festival, Germany 1997
14th Turin Int. Film Festival, Italy 1997
37th Dei Popoli Film Festival, Florence, Italy 1997
Astra Film Fest. Int. Fest. Of Anthropology Films, Sibiu, Romania 1998
4th Sheffield Documentary Film Festival, -closing night- England 1997
10th Tokyo International Film Festival 1997
10th Amsterdam Int. Documentary Film Festival -video competition- 1997
and 17 cities in USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France throughout 1997
as part of “The Makhmalbaf’s Retrospective”.
Golestan, Bolzano University, Italy 2004
Tassvir Film Week, the Portrait of an Artist, Tehran 2004
Doc Point- Helsinki, Finland (Retrospective of Iranian Documentaries) 2008

Monthly Screening of Film Critics Association ('The House of Cinema') -Tehran- 2008   

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سینما سینما

 سینما سینما قصد دارد به سه موضوع بپردازد.,,ویک:وچگونه آقای مخملباف سلام سینما را می سازد.و
دو:وعلل علاقه ی متقاضیان به سینما و بازیگری.
,,وسه: مخملباف، سلام سینما را به جشنواره ی کن می برد.و

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