Summer with Documentaries


From 10 AM to 5 PM with one director

Throughout July, August, September


Presented by Pirooz Kalantari

& Sahdmehr Rastin



  • Abbas KIAROSTAMI: The Structure, Social Documentation

  • Ebrahim MOKHTARI: The Narrative Structure, Observation & Recreation.

  • Rakhshan BANI ETEMAD: The Differences of Working in the Documentary and Fictional Cinema.

  • Parviz KIMIAVI: The Experimental Documentary, Idea Development and the Structuring.

  • Kianoosh AYYARI: Documentary Elements in the Fictional Films, Acting.

  • Mohammad Reza ASLANI: Abstraction Thinking in Documentaries.

  • Pirooz KALANTARI: Narration in Documentaries. Self Reflection.

  • Maani PETGAR: The Experimental Documentary, One Person Film making.

  • Mehrdad OSKUIE: The Subject in Documentary, The Audience.

  • Bahman KIAROSTAMI: Observation and the Structuring, The Editing

In each workshop the key scenes from the filmmaker's work will be shown and the filmmaker discusses its process of working with people, the situations, and his/her concerns in terms of dealing with alive reality.


Confirmed dates so far:


Rakhshan BANI ETEMAD: Friday,5 July 2013

Ebrahim MOKHTARI: Friday, 12 July 2013

Maani PETGAR: Friday, 19 July 2013


The rest will be announced later.


Our latest upgrade has been in July 19th
and has resulted in 8

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new articles, in English section.

There is also a new section called Moving Stills. The story is; that I surprisingly noticed there aren't that many stills from my favorite (kind) of films available in the net. So I simply decided to breakdown the story of the film -or it's atmosphere- in as many as stills as possible, not just trying to make you curious -or tackle your memory- about the certain film, but also trying to make more stills available from the films, which seem to be not that popular.

Moving Stills of my own films are also available in a separate section of Moving Stills.

In the future, there will be additional information on my films, based on 4 categories:

1-Director's note 2-Dialog list 3-Full Credit (if differs from the short credit) 4-Review (if available)

Thanks for being with us.


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