The story is; that I surprisingly noticed there aren't that many stills from my favorite (kind) of films available in the net.
So I simply decided to breakdown the story of the films, in as many as stills as possible. (Or in the cases of those without much stories, breaking them down according to their atmospheres).

By doing this, I'm trying to make you curious, (or tackle your memory) about a certain film, but I'm also trying to make more stills available from the films, which seem to be not that popular.

FILM magazine on the occasion of it's 400th Issue (2009), invited us to vote for The Best Films of our Lives- which I would rather call them, Most Favorite Films of our Lives- The result turns out to be:

1- Vertigo (1958)- Alfred Hitchcock

2-Citizen Kane (1941)- Orson Welles

3-Tokyo Story (1953)- YasujirĂ´ Ozu

4-Casablanca (1942)- Michael Curtiz

5-Seven Samurai (1954)-  Akira Kurosawa

6-Bicycle Thieves (1948)- Vittorio De Sica

7-La strada (1954)- Federico Fellini

8-Rio Bravo (1959)-Howard Hawks

9-Wild Strawberries (1957)- Ingmar Bergnman

10- Cinema Paradiso (1988)- Giuseppe Tornatore

The Rules of the Game (1939)- Jean Renoir


And my Top Ten was:

(by the year of the production)


1-Man with a Movie Camera (1929)- Dziga Vertov

2-Au hasard Balthazar (1966)- Robert Bresson

3-Blow-Up (1966)- Michelangelo Antonioni
4-Themroc (1973)- Claude Faraldo

5-Scenes from a Marriage (1973)- Ingmar Bergman

6- Mirror (1975)- Andrei Tarkovsky
7- Stranger than Paradise (1982)- Jim Jarmusch

8-Next of Kin (1984)- Atom Egoyan

9- Wings of Desire (1987)- Wim Wenders

10-Germany Year 90 Nine Zero (1991)- Jean Luc Godard

(It gives me a vague feeling, not having a single film in common with my colleague's Top Ten)

The Moving Stills of the films appearing in this new section, (at least one film per month), will be according to my Top Ten. After the Top Ten is done, the films which are referred to in my articles, will be break down to the Stills.